Hailing from Baltimore Maryland, Rachard Wolf started his photography journey in 2009 during his sophomore year of college at Stevenson University. It was in Photography 108: Basic Black and White Film where he fell in love with the craft.

In 2013 Wolf decided it was time to step up and present himself within the professional market. In the same year Wolf was nominated for RAW Artist: Baltimore Photographer of the year. In 2014 Wolf was nominated by Fashion Awards MD for Emerging Photographer of the Year. In May 2014 Wolf graduated from Stevenson University with a BS in Film and Minor in Photography. 

In 2016 Wolf decided it was time to relocate and expand the brand to the west coast. Wolf is currently based out Los Angeles where he is a recommended photographer for modeling agencies like MSA and OTTO Models.

Since expanding to Los Angeles Wolf has became a sought after content creator using his visual ability along with storytelling to develop a brand identity and form brand identity. Quality and consistency is key when developing a brand. 

For more information on Rachard's work, to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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